This is your European city running tour starting point. this page you will find all our European city running partners.

City jogging, City Running, sight jogging, sight running, running tours, urban running tours, running tourist, capital running tours, or whatever we tend to call it. The deal is you combine a sightseeing tour with a healthy running workout.
There are many Europea cities where you can get a guided running tour.
Below a full list of European cities where you can join organised guided runs.
Most tours will pick you up at your hotel. Do not forget to pack your running shoes when traveling.

Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Tourist Run Amsterdam

Antwerpen (and other cities) - Belgium
City Runs decrouvez la ville en courant

Athens - Greece
Go Sightrunning in Athens

Ausburg – Deutschland
Lauf Kult Tour

Barcelona – Spain
360 Running Barcelona

Barcelona – Spain
Running Tours Barcelona

Bergen – Norway
Bergen jogging experience

Berlin – Deutschland
Mike’s Sight Running

Brugge – Belgium
Tourist Run Brugge

Brussels – Belgium
Brussels Sightjogging

Cambrigde - United Kingdom
Cambridge Running Tours

Colchester – United Kingdom
Colchester sightrunning tours, Britain’s oldest recorded town

Copenhagen – Denmark
Running Copenhagen

Copenhagen – Denmark
Running Tours Copenhagen

Esslingen – Deutschland

Dublin – Ireland
Running Dublin Tours

Dublin & Galway – Ireland
Irish Running Tours

Duesseldorf - Run and see Duesseldorf
sightrunning-tour provider in Düsseldorf

Edinburgh - UK
Edinburgh Running Tours
Edinburgh Running Tours

Gent - Belgium
City Running Tours Gent

Halle – Germany
Sightrunning Halle

Hamburg – Deutschland

Istanbul – Turkey
Marathon Turk, Walk & Jog Sightseeing tour

Lisbon – Portugal
Lisbon City Runners

Lisbon - Portugal
The best running routes around Lisbon and Portugal.

Lisbon – Portugal
Lisbon Sight Jogging

Liverpool – United Kingdom
Liverpool Running Tours

Ljubljana – Slovenia
SightRunning Ljubljana

London - United Kingdom
Love London Running Tours

London – United Kingdom
London Sightseeing Runs

London – United Kingdom
City Jogging Tours

Luz / Lagos – Portugal
Embrace Sports

Lyon – France
Jogg ‘in City

Maastricht – The Netherlands
Maastricht Running Tours

Madrid – Spain
Madrid Sightrunning

Nijmegen - The Netherlands
Nijmegen Running Tours

Paris - France

Paris - France

Paris- France
Paris Running Tour

Paris – France
Paris Running Tours (different from the one above)

Porto – Portugal
Porto on the Run

Porto - Portugal
Porto Running Tours 

Prague – Czech Republic
Prague on the run

Prague – Czech Republic
Czech Running Tours
Private Tours Prague

Prague - Czech Republic
Running Tours Prague

Rome – Italy

Rome - Italy
S.P.Q. Run - Sight Running Rome

Rotterdam – The Netherlands
Rotterdam Sight Running Tours

Sofia – Bulgaria
Sofia Run

Stockholm – Sweden
Run with me Stockholm

Venice – Italy
Venice Events Running Tour

Vienna – Austria
Vienna Sight Running

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